How to Wear Your Navy Blue Dress

Navy blue dresses are always beautiful and full of energy. They will give others the impression of freshness and sunshine. However, this color is not easily controlled by every woman, which needs high requests of figure. Many women are confused about what accessories should be matched with this navy blue dress. In the follow, there are some suggestions for you.

Navy Blue Dress

Navy blue lace dress has limited choices to match. Although navy blue belongs to a basic color and it exists even in men’s closets, you should be careful and think clearly about the matched colors and accessories. Medium blue is a suitable choice for navy blue and they can match with each well enough. Of course, medium blue is appropriate for most men.

navy blue cocktail dress

Navy blue cocktail dress definitely will not go wrong with the plain blue. While plain blue cannot be coordinated with dark navy, for this mixture will make the dress become really plain and dull to wear, so you should pay much attention to the choice of color. Either too dark or too light is so improper for the whole matching process.

navy blue maxi dress

If you want to brighten up while in your navy blue maxi dress, maybe the perfect way is to pick up a nice colored waistband or other accessories. What you should remember is that the color of accessories has to be a different color from the navy blue dress. For example, you can choose a white or pink waistband, or a unique brooch with patterns.

navy blue dress skirt

Another emphasis should be put on the jewelry with your navy blue dress skirt. A similar kind of color is more harmonious than red or black. For example, you can choose a necklace of light blue in the shape of shell. You can also match a similar bracelet with your navy blue dress. This style can build a feeling of wandering along the sea.

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