Best Tips for Wearing Black and White Dresses

Matching black and white decoration and clothing always create harmonious look, and thus many women will have some black and white dresses in their closets. No matter a dress or a swimsuits, day time or night party, combining two colors is always a popular choice to look pretty and charming. When the two colors match each other, it is quite forgiving for various body types. Even a large size woman can find confidence in a well-designed black and white dress. That is also why the two opposites have always been classical and fashionable for a long time. The following are some tips about the correct way to wear black and white dresses.

Black and White Dresses

black and white wedding dresses

Even the most stylish black and white wedding dresses could be a disaster if they don’t match your body shape. Though the two colors always look good in various designs and various sizes, you should still know how to choose the right one. As we know, dark color like black can create a slim look, so it should not show on the body part that you do not want to look slim. For example, if you have a large size bottom, you should wear a dress that has black at the bottom so that the color could hide your worries. On the contrary, white can give an illusion of fuller shape.

black and white striped dress

Even in a beach party where colorful dresses are supposed to catch more attention, a black and white striped dress can still find a place. For example, dressing a black mini skirt and wearing a white ruffled blouse could really become unique on the beach. Black and white dresses are the most popular choices which are suitable for many occasions, ranging from a wedding, a meeting to a night party and no matter they are formal or informal.

black and white polka dot dress

Some ways of wearing a black and white polka dot dress are not smart. For instance, do not wear plain white on the top and black dress without any decoration which will create an image of servers.

black and white flower girl dresses

Though black and white flower girl dresses are always of fashion, there are still small changes as time passes. The changes lie in patterns and textures which can tell people the dress is old fashion or not. Nowadays, popular choices are lace, rich embroidery, bubble dress and patent leather. Patterns like dots or strips with the two colors are always classical and good for any season.

Black and white dresses easily match with decoration of other bright colors like ocean blue, yellow and red. You could try with your creativity.

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